To be in charge

How can we help others’ if we can’t be responsible for our own needs? 

Recently I have heard so many people complaining because they came to work while being sick. How many of us have already done everything to “be so  kind” to help others, or save their ex’s and, eventually they were so frustrated, so drained, so lost. 

We convince ourselves that we have to make these painful choices. « be the good girl », « life is hard », « no pain, no gain », … Do you recognise them? We end up being so frustrated. 

Stop this ego game.

What if we would first take care of ourselves, of our needs, to be responsible, to be in charge? 

Yes, I like pleasures, those that reminds me, I am in charge. I’m in charge of being a better person. I decide to leave earlier an endless meeting because I don’t want to be late to my yoga class. I take a lunch break to go to the swimming pool because it makes me feel great. This is not negotiable.Sometime I’m late because I meditated before going to a dinner. And if I have to wait for someone who’s late, I enjoy to read a book, look or walk around, smile, breath. I go to travel , I attend this inspring workshop. You say ‘Im luck’. I say, I’m in charge. I spend my money for what inspire me, for what make me grow. I’m in charge. 

Because when I feel good, I listen to you with my heart. I do things with my heart. It flows, it’s natural. There’re no big effort. I’m here for you, with my heart. 

I’m feeling joy and happiness and you smile me back for no reason. 

I choose to be in charge, not to complain, not to be frustrated or feeling guilty. I am not ashamed.

I am in charge of my needs, of what make me feel good & happy. 

Because nobody will do it for me. 


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